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Are you ready to begin your new career?

Broker Pre-License Education

Real Estate Brokers are Business Owners.

They have the freedom to set their own goals for owning and running a successful business.  Our mission is to prepare you for an amazing career in real estate!

To take the state exam you must complete the required 90 hours of Pre-License education and then pass the state licensing exam.  The 90 hours consists of 75 hours of coursework and 15 hours of interactive instruction.  Below you will find three basic ways to accomplish this.


Option 1:
Our Hybrid Structure (45+30+15)

  1. Register for and complete the first 45 hours at your own pace in a home-study format through the Illinois REALTORS website.
  2. Join us for in-class instruction for the remaining 45 hours in-class.  This includes the remaining 30 hours of coursework and 15 hours of Interactive Instruction.


Option 2:
Home Study + Interactive (75 + 15)

  1. Take the entire 75 hour broker home-study course covering the textbook on your own by registering at the Illinois REALTORS website.
  2. Register for our 15 Hour Interactive Class and complete the in-person instruction.


Option 3:
Home and Online – aka “Going Solo” (no in-person instruction)

  1. Take the entire 75 hour course on your own
  2. Take a 15 hour webinar to cover the interactive segment with no in-class experience.


We feel strongly that you will have the highest chance of success with option 1.   This allows you a great blend of at-home and in-person instruction.  We can provide input and feedback along the way to help you prepare, focus the time you spend on the material that matters the most and answer any questions you come up with.  You’ll also benefit from the student and classmate interaction that happens in a classroom setting.

Option 2 is another path that requires more discipline with the 75 hour home study but still incorporates some classroom experience and provides the opportunity to ask questions of teaches and other students.

The third option is available through IR but we do not recommend it.  In our experience, the pass rate is lower and the students following this format have a much harder time with the pre-license and state licensing exams.

See our Class Schedule and Register for an Upcoming Class

After completing the 45-hour home-study option from IR and the 45-hour live course (and passing the exams) you will have successfully met all of the state requirements and can sit for the State of Illinois Real Estate Broker License exam.

After you pass the state exam the sky is the limit!

Questions on how to correctly register for the classes?  Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

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